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A Guide to the Dirge

A Perspective.

Velious Game Update Summary

Checkout EQ2i Dirge for more info on particular intricacies such as epic weapon requirements, examine descriptions (for AAs, spells, combat arts), grandmaster choices, and specialized Dirge item sets.

Players can purchase the house item trophy version of their epic weapons (along with their mythical spell gems & enervated weapon), after they betray by speaking with Jawharah Izzah in Nektulos as long as they have completed "Epic Repercussions".

The website will become temporarily out of service due to the web host provider doing maintentance on occasion.

Abbreviation "AA" refers to the information in the "Character Development & Alternate Advancements".

You may contact me EQ2 in-game by sending a mail or /tell to Antonia_Bayle.Orani or send a private mail to my Forum Username, Skybee.

16-June-2011; 1:13pm (cst) :

I will no longer be updating this guide. This guide has not been updated since 13 of March, 2011. My game play has been reduced dramatically due to real life responsibilities. Do not expect any kind of timely replies to mail sent to me.

I hope this guide has helped your enjoyment of the game. May your adventures lead ya to wonderous fortune!

Change Log

If you experience pages unavailable, then this is likely due to me in the progress of uploading the new .html. Red text indicate new text. Not all new text is noted with red text.

13-Mar-2011; 1:48pm (cst) :
Updated Public Quest Adornments section. Added 3 yellow adornments.
Updated War Rune adornments section to correct some proc descriptions:
Dain's Legacy - Potency buff applies to all group members.
Oracular Perception - Power cost reduction applies to all group members.

8-Mar-2011; 5:32pm (cst) :
Added a section. Quel'ule Potions - Debuffs and Procs
Updated Public Quest Adornments section. 5 red adornments, 1 yellow adornment.
Updated War Rune adornments section to reflect recent 8march2011 Game Update:
The following War Runes will now trigger on both spell and melee attacks:
Bane of the Kromzek
Dain's Legacy
Draft of Velium
Elemental Detonation
Eye of Rallos
Harrowing Winds
Profane Madness
Rime Strike
Steadfast Defiance
Steadfast Resolve

4-Mar-2011; 11:20am (cst) :
Added locations of the Destiny of Velious faction merchants. I think these are not all of them so this will be updated when I discover the remainder.
Finished. Destiny of Velious : War Rune Red Adornments. Included the location of the War Rune merchant. 36 total war runes.

3-Mar-2011; 10:34am (cst) :
Finished: Battlegrounds Overview
Minor update to Help with Equipment

1-Mar-2011; 6:53pm (cst) :
Destiny of Velious : Yellow and Red adornments
Destiny of Velious : Dirge Red adornments

27-Feb-2011; 2:36pm (cst) :
minor updates to DR and EDD itemization, casting routine, dirge mechanics, help with equipment
finished abilities section.
added and finished new sections: How To Insert ACT Triggers, Dirge ACT Triggers, Other Triggers
updated An AA Tree Approach to get 48~50 spents in Heroic tab with 261 AAs without hurting your Rhythmic Overture recording by much.

24-Feb-2011; 6:17pm (cst) : Created the "Dirge Abilities" section and sub-sections; currently working on this. Updated "An AA Tree Approach" section and sub sections.

23-Feb-2011 : Updated "Damage Priorities" section to reflect the gear in the "T9 SF Item Profile Example (17feb2011)"

22-Feb-2011 : Added Destiny of Velious game update notes. Updated sections: Homepage, "Dirge Mechanics".

17-Feb-2011 : Major update to "Help with Equipment" with new sub-section "T9 SF Item Profile Example (17feb2011)". Created "other Items sections" and added many new sub-sections. Added RO and VC section.

15-Feb-2011 : Minor updates to "Dirge In-Combat", "Autoattack Coordination", "Area Effect (AE) Debuffs"

14-Feb-2011 : Began updating guide after a 3 month hiatus. New menu, reformating website, etc. Removed all User Interface sections and below until I finish the remainder of the guide.

13-Feb-2011: Howdy! I have not entirely abandoned this project! I am now back at it. Below "Soon To Come" is still coming, but I am also working on reformating the website so it does not come across as an encyclopedia that hits you with all the information all at once. Also, I will be bringing new information introduced from Velious (Everquest2's 7th Expansion) and I will be transfering some new data from other forums to this concise guide.

I took down my message board since it has given me all sorts of issues with accessing it at my home computer; I have not been able to access it in quite a while and I apologize for this if I have missed any submissions or requests. So, you may contact me EQ2 in-game by sending a mail or /tell to Antonia_Bayle.Orani or send a private mail to my Forum Username, Skybee.